Two-Step Vegan Halloumi Cheese – Fat Free


Yummy! :D

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I tried dairy halloumi cheese only once or twice before I became vegan. I was fascinated by it’s ability to remain un-melted even with heating on a hot grill. I became curious about a vegan version and my search found many a version based on seasoned tofu, but no set cheeses.

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Reid: In the midst of the NDP phenomenon, only the stupid aren’t terrified


This! #VoteNDP

Originally posted on Ottawa Citizen:

Stupid and terrified.

Those are the only two types of political strategists presently at work in federal politics. The stupid ones are easy to spot. They’re the ones who peacock all over the place insisting they understand what’s been happening inside voters’ heads recently. Poor bastards. Don’t even waste your time on them. That would only make you stupid too.

Pay close attention instead to those who are terrified. They’re the smart ones or, at minimum, they’re not the stupid ones. They at least have the brains to realize and the self-confidence to confess that they don’t know what’s going on. They don’t know why the NDP have recently shot to the top of the polls. They don’t know why Tom Mulcair has all-of-a-sudden become the Dos Equis guy. And, for sure, they don’t know if this NDP thing is going to burn itself out in the heat of the…

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Mediterranean Sausage Casserole


Yummy! Yes, please! ❤

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I’ve always loved sausage casserole. I have fond memories as a child of eating huge servings of casserole made with Linda McCartney sausages and a packet of sauce mix with a giant helping of fluffy mashed potatoes, so much that I wouldn’t be able to move. It was proper comfort food and when I used to visit my mum, we always had that for dinner.

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Vegan spelt pecan pie!


OK… dream come true in this recipe! YES! ❤

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This morning, I made my first invented pecan pie! I saw many unhealthy recipes on the internet & on other blogs so I tried to make it much healthier & I think I succeeded! The only not so healthy ingredient in here is vegan butter! ;) This is a pure sweeter indulgent of a fine dessert, something new in flavors for Peter & me! I didn’t make it too sweet. I don’t like my tarts to be too sweet. Instead of corn syrup I used maple syrup, grade C!

The next time, I will make it into a tartlet tin with loose bottom, much easier in getting the pie aka tart out of the pan!


Make this fantastic delicious vegan spelt pecan pie right now!

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