Making changes to better myself…

…requires a “one day at a time” attitude. It took ?? years to get where I’m at physically and healthwise, therefore it will take a small sum of time to get out of it, and into a better state of being.

My journey to better health begins as I test my theory that cutting meat, dairy and wheat from my diet will help me feel better. I really don’t want a bunch of vegans (some of you are my friends) /facepalming and yelling out “Duh!” I’m right there with you, I promise. This little “experiment” is meant to convince my mister. He’s all about the logos, and that’s what I’m after. When he sees the improvements in my state of being, he willl resist the changes less, as I’m the one doing most of the cooking, but he does his fair share of whinging and whining. I digress, and I must to clarify. As much as he’s been resistant to reduce the amount of meat we eat (a process I started in 2009), he has always been 100% on board to switch to Organic fruits and veg and avoid GMOs. That in itself is an ongoing process, and I am trying to find a reasonable source for Gluten-Free bread, or at least a super-awesome recipe I can make. I’m definitely not afraid to get my hands dirty!

And yes, our house is a


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