Day 2 – Recap

Recap on lunch and supper from Day 2…

Lunch: Apples, bananas, celery brooms with pea butter, and a chai/coconut milk smoothie.

Supper: We’ve had a few “sickies” in the house, so I decided to make chicken noodle soup for everyone (organic chicken broth, celery, carrots and rice noodles). I had raw carrots and celery with a rice cake. I know it’s not very inventive or original, but I really do want to stick to my plan. I’m also drinking more water during the day, and hoping to cleanse/detox and feel that much better.

I have more energy than I thought I would, and so far, knock on wood, my body isn’t craving cheese and yogurt more than I can bear…


What do you think?

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