Day 3 – Recap

Soooo… I forgot to post my recap yesterday, despite intending to. /facepalm

Breakfast: Brown rice porridge, banana and maple syrup with coffee and coconut milk.

Lunch: Veggie broth (made from basic mirepoix – onions, carrots and celery sauteed in coconut oil) and rice cake {I wasn’t feeling so hot, as we have a bug going through our house}

Supper: Ate Vietnamese (I didn’t feel like cooking) – stir-fried veg, tofu and rice noodles

I know that supper wasn’t organic, but we made the concession that as far as ordering in went, the best bet we could go with was food that we could actually tell what it consisted of. Our original plan was to go with G-Free Pizza (mine w/o cheese), but feeling crappy chucked that to another day. C’est la vie!


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