Thank you, Foodmatters!

Initially, I had been very keen to evolve my semi-vegetarian style of eating/cooking to a vegan diet. I was even determined. My only problem was that I lacked the support of “my mister” to do it. Like I said, we’re already semi-vegetarian, but it can be hard getting someone to unlearn things they’ve been taught since childhood. I won him over a little by showing him a comparison between beef and beans:

It’s really math not magic when you look at the numbers.

I continued to cook with more beans, less meat, less dairy, and prepared more meals with raw veg added in or on the side. We were doing great. My Elflings didn’t complain. My mister didn’t complain. In fact, he was happiest taking leftovers to work when he could, rather than a sandwich. Yay!

The other night we watched “Foodmatters” together, and it was his light bulb moment. After watching the movie we started discussing the things I had been talking about 3 months ago. Our dialogue had resumed, but with him in favor of the changes as well, this time. We talked about getting a juicer (looks like an Omega BMJ330 or 390). We discussed participating in a CSA that didn’t use pesticides, or making weekly visits to a Farmers Market for certified Organic produce (Farmers Market won unanimously). We’re both on the same page to evolve our diet to a vegan diet, too. Double yay!

As we do more research into acceptable alternatives (we’ll miss cheese and yogurt, while the kids will also miss milk), and take the steps needed to eliminate animal proteins, we will all feel better than we do already. One step at a time is all we can do.


2 thoughts on “Thank you, Foodmatters!

  1. iwishiwerevegan says:

    Thanks for sharing that picture comparing meat and beans – very interesting! I’m in a similar situation to you, only reversed, as I am the (college-aged) kid working to make my diet healthier in a meat-eating family. I’m really interested in hearing more about your experiences, especially about how your kids react to the changes.


    • My Little Monster says:

      Thank you. =0) My kids are adjusting well to more raw and vegan eating. I expect them to buck a little about milk, but we’ll do it gradually. We currently only buy Organic dairy for them, which in itself is better than the GE and GMO stuff, while my mister and I drink soy or coconut milk.

      I’m glad that you are receiving support with your food changes. That is HUGE! Thank YOU for sharing info and especially the Tofu Taco recipe. I’ve only ever used tofu in a korma. It’ll be nice to try something else, and burritos/tacos are a big hit with the munchkins. =0)

      Once again, thank you for reading. =0)


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