Happy Medium Found!

I haven’t had the juicer very long, but from the combinations I’ve toyed with thus far, my fave is ABC: apples, beets & carrots. My Elflings have been really great and willing to sample, even gulp, the glasses of freshly-masticated juices that fly out at 1,100 RPMs. RAWR! But, to be honest, they haven’t always loved the juice. As much as I’m a big fan of beets (there’s something so entertaining and primal to me about  the look of terror-tinged shock on little faces when seeing the pinky-purple end-product the next day), I’ll admit they are a little “earthy” on the palate.

The happy medium I was talking about? Right! More apples! I did a 12 carrot, 3 beet and 3 apple-mix tonight. Massive hit! There was a little extra left, but that didn’t last.

One of my Elflings said: “Mom, I think this is the best ABC Juice ever! An extra apple really made a good difference. It’s delicious!”



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