A little update…

Choosing to eliminate dairy and other animal by-products has been the best thing I’ve done since cutting out alcohol and cleaning up my diet 4.5 years ago. I thought I felt better when I used an herbal detox to flush my system. I didn’t miss the “gluten crash” I’d feel after eating regular pasta, once I’d severely cut-back on all wheat-based products. I really thought I was doing well. The past two weeks have been eye-opening for me. Truly.

I have more energy and way less phlegm. Yup, it’s true. I have not yet come to a point of actually missing cheese, because so far I am more than ecstatic to not be “mooky” anymore. I’m loving this! Soy-yogurt is so delicious! I’m looking forward to experimenting with a coconut-based yogurt very soon. <3

Increasing my water is helping, too. Every morning, before I do anything else, I drink about 32oz of water. I repeat that process 2-3 times per day. In addition to that, I’m having heaps of fun juicing loads of carrots, apples, celery,  and beets.

As much as I’m happy to eliminate items from my diet, I am determined to include critical elements alternatively to avoid deficiencies. To ensure essential vitamins and protein, I’ve made a “boost” for our smoothies from spirulina, wheatgrass, red maca, acai, and pomegranate powders. That combined with fresh-pressed juice, increased intake of beans and alternates, loads and loads of locally-grown Organic produce, being vegan feels freaking awesome!

I’ve got to say that I’m also making sure we all get an awesome veggie-based/vegan-friendly daily multi, and my Mister and I are taking 1,000mg of Vitamin C each day, as well. Talk about feeling happy! WAHOO!


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