Thank you, Saradraws! *squishy hugs*

Thank you, Laments and Lullabies. I am honored that you would reblog a post of mine, Kapowder FTW!

You are an inspiration. The voice you give to your pain speaks to me, and I empathize. Thank you, for pushing against the oppressive and choking emotions, and for reminding me that it’s imperative to expose and talk about the feelings in order to conquer them. I am looking for a thimbleful of the courage you display in your posts about depression.


9 thoughts on “Thank you, Saradraws! *squishy hugs*

  1. clownonfire says:

    And thank you for taking the time to post this, Veggiewitch. My wife is an inspiration.

    I’ll be tackling the “mental illness” topic in a few posts during the next few weeks, all based on my wife’s battle with depression, and our family.

    Your post is a great source of support.


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