I posted this today on my Mouldylocks blog. Just thought I’d share it here…


We all have stuff. Sometimes that stuff becomes clutter. Oftentimes that clutter can be emotional baggage we’ve accumulated over the course of our lives. Personally, I think I’ve amassed many steamer-trunks full. At first my brain wants to envision a glamorous Socialite boarding a luxury liner with a multitude of lackeys in-tow, each hauling an over-sized, bulging trunk… but the last great luxury liner to host such an abundance of trunks was the Titanic, and I do know what happened to most of the baggage aboard. It all went down. Besides, I’m the only lackey I’ve got, and I’m tired of carrying most of this crappy, useless junk around wherever I go. That said, it’s time to purge the physical and emotional baggage that’s dragging me down. Letting go is awesome.

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