Fresh Lemonade

My middle Elfling and I whipped this together on the weekend. It was awesome!

2012 © copyright veggiewitch, all rights reserved

2012 © copyright veggiewitch, all rights reserved

5 apples*
1 lemon*
a small knob of ginger*
* = Organic

∴ After washing the fruit and ginger, put it all through the juicer. You can enjoy it straight away as-is, or add a little water, depending on your preference.


16 thoughts on “Fresh Lemonade

  1. thingsmybellylikes says:

    My juicer is currently sitting looking at me, neglected. I’ve been meaning to dust it off and get it back into action so thanks for the inspiration – this is the kick-up-the-backside that I need :)


    • Veggiewitch says:

      Are you ill, CoF? Do you have ginger and garlic? If you do, mince it up really fine and eat it with some maple syrup from a spoon. Take that several times per day, or as often as you’re feeling congested and phlegmy. You can also mix them with warm lemon juice before bed to help you sleep. Feel better soon!

      About the Nyquil… if you must, I’m sure it’d be fine palatable. ;0)


  2. rodneia says:

    that lemonade tastes great, tried it. Now if you want the absolutely best orange juice you will ever have, you should try 3 oranges, 1 lemon, and a bunch of parsley (yes, parsley!)… I don’t have the exact measure, just about a finger thickness if you are to hold it bound. Excellent! But be careful, parsley is not to be taken in too huge a quantity, but in this volume, it is fine.


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