My middle Elfling writes about the most bizarre things! But she loves Star Wars, so it’s all awesome! ♥

The Stuff My Mom Says

Sometimes my mom is very strange… I guess that’s what moms are for, right? Well any way, my mom will usually be cooking or baking when I come down stairs, and this one time she was, but she didn’t seem the same. I came up close and said “Good morning,” and smiled. My mother replied saying “Guess what?” And it turned out she wanted to tell me my dad called. “I’m making tortillas,” she said, “and I’m using the big frying pan ’cause my balls are really big today!” She grinned wickedly. I was so shocked! A couple of days later she was eating some granola. When she went to put the milk away, I reached for a nut. An almond. She came back and saw me in action. She caught me red handed! I thought oh crap! And the only thing she said was “DON’T TOUCH MY NUTS, YOU LITTLE CREEP!” A similar thing happened…

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