Inspired to Abundance – #2

Amount to spend is $100

$84.00 – Artisan-thrown Pottery Cups x 6 ($14 each)
$16.00 – Shipping to Me

 These are actually in the process of being made, but if I had an extra $100 lying around, I’d try to get 6 more made. I’m slowly going through our dishes and culling the plastics in favour of pottery and/or glass. (Photos will be updated once they arrive in about 6 weeks.)

Here is a photo of what the cups we’re getting look like. I have a rainbow variety in the smaller size, but have ordered the larger size in: black, red, white, blue, purple, and pink.


6 thoughts on “Inspired to Abundance – #2

    • Veggiewitch says:

      I’m in ♥ with them! It’ll be nice to have 6 of the big ones in the cupboard, right beside their smaller counterparts. =0)
      So glad you like this challenge. I’m having fun with it, too. ♥


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