Super-Easy Guacamole

2011-Current © copyright veggiewitch, all rights reserved

Super-Easy Guac
2011-Current © copyright veggiewitch, all rights reserved

I seriously can’t make enough of this guac these days. My Elflings gobble it up as soon as it’s done, or nibble on it if my back is turned while I’m putting it together. There is one main rule in the Veggiewitch Kitchen: one or two is a taste, three you’re eating… unless you’re the one cooking, where testing/tasting is required. I have to admit to borrowing the first part of that rule from Chef Mario Batali, but I think he got it from his Grandma. All’s fair in love and cooking.

Super-Easy Guac
1 ripe avocado*
1 lemon*
1-2 tomatoes*
2-3 minced cloves garlic*
1-2 green onions*
salt to taste
* = Organic

 Cut your avocado in half by cutting around the seed, then twisting the two halves to separate them. Gently whack the seed with your knife, blade-side down, and twist the shank of your knife to remove the seed. Pop the seed off (chuck it, sprout it, whatever, just don’t throw it at anyone… it really hurts!), then scoop the fruit out of the skin and into a bowl. Roll your lemon firmly between your hand and the counter to loosen the juice. Cut your lemon in half, and squeeze the juice through the fingers of your opposite over the avocado bits. Mash the avocado and lemon juice mixture together to halt browning and keep your avocado nice and green. Dice up your tomatoes and green onions, then add them and the garlic to the bowl. Stir it all up, season with salt to taste. Enjoy!


21 thoughts on “Super-Easy Guacamole

  1. Meg says:

    I just pinned you to one of my pintrest boards, Briggy! ;) Also, I LOVE guac. Actually, I love any excuse to eat avocado.


  2. shaheen says:

    After chickpea hummus, guacamole was the second dip I tried and I just love it. Want to make some now, must go to the grocers to pick up some avocados. Yum.


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