Inspired to Abundance – #5

Amount to spend is $2,500

$1,800 – LG Washer and Dryer
   $700 – Toshiba 46″ LCD TV

It was a challenge to imagine a way to spend $2,500, because I couldn’t help but think that adds up to about what we pay for rent, bills and a trip to the grocery store any given month. rofl! I figured with an extra chunk of cash like that, I’d love to indulge in a gorgeous front-loading washer and dryer set, and an LCD TV.

LG Titanium Washer & Dryer

LG Titanium Washer & Dryer

This washer and dryer are mesmerizing me.

Toshiba 46" LCD TV

I could stare at this fishy all day!


10 thoughts on “Inspired to Abundance – #5

  1. mycookinglifebypatty says:

    Those stainless steel washers and dryers mesmerize me too. They’re sexy! My son gave us a big screen tv a few years back and we love it. But here’s a warning: when I started blogging my tv-watching time dwindled down to just about nothing!


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