My New Shoes

My New Shoes

My New Shoes
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I love my new Converse sneakers! I got them a couple of weeks ago, but only just snapped some pics of them. I know, I’m a little geeky/nerdy. ♥

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26 thoughts on “My New Shoes

  1. love converse! But now gotta put orthotics inside as they are made too flat if you already have fallen arches. But a few years ago when I was in Paris, a lot of women were wearing them around the city, so I rediscovered them and got a pair – if it’s good enough for the women of Paris… ;)

  2. I love high-tops and can’t count how many photos I’ve taken of them over the years. One of the things that attracted me to your blog was your banner!

    I currently have black with pink, army green, black with white and fluro print (of little tiny Chucks) and crossword puzzle ones. Now THAT’S geeky. ;-)

  3. I had a pair of red high top Chucks when I was a kid. Perhaps time to take a trip down memory lane – they are really so cool.

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