Thank you for this post! One of the most blatant examples of arrogance was making it possible to patent life. We live in a time where being stupid is often confused with being smart. Press to have GMO frankenfoods labeled. You have the right to not buy those products, and you absolutely have the right to know which foods are contaminated before you spend your hard-earned money.

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I’m very proud to introduce a Guest Blogger writing an important/must-read piece concerning GMO’s. It’s a fantastic article that could also be titled; Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about GMO’s. Please share with others and leave your comments and questions below, Chris will answer them…..Take it away Mr. Vogliano:

My name is Chris Vogliano and I am currently studying nutrition and dietetics at Kent State University in their Master’s Program.  I am conducting my thesis study on the topic of Genetically Modified Organisms related to Dietitian’s knowledge and perception of them.  According to previous research, the public trusts dietitian’s to relay current and scientific information on this controversial topic.  However, as I hope to prove in my research, there is a significant knowledge gap in the perception of what dietitian’s know versus the knowledge they actually hold.

I chose this topic because genetically modified foods is personal and strikes…

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  1. biggsis says:

    Thanks for sharing. Really disheartening how twisting information and omission of information for personal gain seems to be part of the American corporate way.


    • Veggiewitch says:

      I think more and more people are waking up and realizing the fatal errors made. North America is, however, a society largely afraid of speaking out against corporations for fear of repercussions (jail-time, trumped charges, false insanity accusations, CPS-involvement, etc). We have the power and the numbers. What we need is unification. Our first line of activism is to boycott the corps, and vote with our forks, then our mouths, then ballots.


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