Diversify and Sling Food?

Me, the Veggiewitch
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Here is an updated photo of me. Yay! Hard to believe I’m  going to be the big 4-oh this year. ROFLMAO! I like to think I don’t look a day over 35. *giggle*

At any rate… Many of you know that I’m an Artist by profession, and my main media are skeins of wool. Since transitioning from vegetarian to vegan, I’ve struggled with how to diversify while maintaining the gist of what my primary business was established around. I enjoy knitting very much, and especially love to see photos of the knits I’ve made on their wearers. It’s exciting, endearing and satisfying! I’ve found a source for fair-trade and organic cotton, which fills me with a giddiness I find hard to describe. I’m over the moon, and cannot wait to place an order and see where things go with respect to interest.

I’ve also been dreaming about cooking for people, like a contract set-up. I’m intrigued by this, and really appreciate my subconscious for stepping outside of the box for me. I do love to cook, and I know there’s a market for whole, home-cooked, Organic, vegan food. I’m just not sure how to begin or where to look. *think-think-think*

Loads of possibilities and endless ideas where to go with them. ♥


37 thoughts on “Diversify and Sling Food?

  1. Rachel in Veganland says:

    Oh good for you, Veggie Witch! That yarn sounds simply divine! Also, from one fiber artist to another: my mom also works with fiber and has begun recycling yarn from sweaters she buys at the thrift store! All she does is wash them then gently unravel them, balling the yarn on her yarn baller as she goes! Such a great idea and a fabulous way to stay eco friendly (and vegan too, lots of cotton!) I can’t wait to see where you go with your cooking endeavors! I’ve heard of many people doing a cooking on demand type of business for others-they prepare foods for people who are too busy to cook and they have orders on a weekly basis! I’d love to bounce ideas off of you if you have any to share as well! Good luck, and happy creating! It warms my little vegan heart to see your joy over your creative endeavors!


  2. Steve says:

    You just come right down to Brooklyn and open up a vegan restaurant. My overeating behind alone will keep you in business! As for wool, is it really an issue for you if the animal isn’t harmed in the gathering? Maybe you oppose their living conditions in general? I know opinions vary, but I don’t believe man and animal were created to lead completely separate lives. [And, despite my previous statement, I’m NOT a creationist! LOL] Either way, best of luck with your endeavors.


    • Veggiewitch says:

      I also dream of opening a vegan restaurant one day! My Elflings would love that, too. Brooklyn? Hmmm… That would be beautiful!

      I just don’t really want to participate in the wool market anymore. It’s been over 7 years, and time to move in a new direction. ♥


  3. maedez says:

    Awww, congrats on turning 40 this year! I am really looking forward to that milestone (which I will achieve in 14 months). Rock your forties big time!


  4. Sophie33 says:

    You look really cool & lovely, Denise! :) I think this is a great idea of yours. There is certainly a market for it! I wish you could be my nextdoor neighbour & we could eat vegan foods & cook together because you are my inspiration on vegan cooking & baking too! ;) xxx


  5. rcponders says:

    Happy upcoming B-day! I passed up 40 awhile back…ahem…
    I look forward to lots of veggie recipes from you. I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years now and get tired of my own routine… Kudos on finding the organic (pesticide free?) cotton; can’t wait to see what resources you find for natural dyes.
    The best part about getting older is the opportunity to remake ourselves :)


  6. Ink. [Anette] says:

    I think you look awesome for a soon to be 40 year young. I better start eating some more veggies. I love both your business ideas. How ’bout teaching organic cooking? Happy happy when 40 comes. Being 40 is like being 20, just double as good.


    • Veggiewitch says:

      Excellent! I’d love to teach people to cook, or at least eat better. I think more people are waking up to the opportunity, so we’ll see how this unfolds. =0)


  7. John the Aussie says:

    Veggie, cause I’m an honest guy I woulda picked ya for late 30’s but that’s from years of judging age as a barman. All the same you do look great for your moment of reaching the crest of the hill.

    Your recipes are delicious (though I’ve added meats to some sanga’s) and even had emailed some if your posts to a friend who was on a vegan diet for three weeks. I told her to leave reviews, but like me, get lost for words and the best we can come up.with is “it was yummy”.

    Doing small functions or even just child.birthday parties is a great way to start off. Have a max amount of people to cater for and allow 10+ extra everytime. Family is great help, but to start you don’t want the hindrance of paying someone to work for you taking the risk of unreliability or even trustworthy… I’ve never gone into business with mates, but I’ve worked for them, good and bad come from it.

    Your entering a already demanding area and though people are doing it all over, there is always demand for more. It would be a great business venture, you can extend it a little by having table arrangements, supply of cutlery and crockery and having a coffee/tea station for some also. Small and large businesses are always conferencing and looking for a great price for a caterer who.will supply better food than the lost host who. had a caterer.

    Good luck, and remember you are good looking, honestly!!


    • Veggiewitch says:

      Awwwe… you know just how to win my heart, Aussie John! *squishy hugs* You’re right, too, I’m in my late 30’s… lolz ;0P

      Wonderful advice! I was thinking of approaching the corporations to cater conferences, too. =0) I’m thinking of taking samples down and building a menu/price list to hand out. There’s just so many great possibilities! I love your awesome advice, sir! =0)


      • John the Aussie says:

        My sister recently started a Little Miss party, pink pampering for youngins, and some face painting for the boys dragged along. Pink bloody everywhere, ugh!!

        I worked for a cateter when she needed a barman or table waiter for some time when i contracted myself out for some bar work. My favourites were bar work for international companies, meeting people from all over the world and importing their local drinks to mix it up.

        I even did a mocktail party for a school, it was interesting coming up with recipes that didnt involve alcohol.

        Not that it makes me a pro or anything but i got a little insight if I wanted to break into bigger things is all…. And some of the advice I was given was helpful, but now useless to me so why not share it out…

        Good luck and keep us posted.


        • Veggiewitch says:

          I appreciate all of your input, and will take it to heart. I’ll probably email you at some point, too. You have given some wonderful advice, and I love it! Thank you fro the bottom of my little, black heart! ♥
          *squishy hugs*


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