Reclaimed Denim Bags FTW ♥

Veggiewitch Designs on Etsy

I’m having so much fun being creative! This whole past week I was directing my creative efforts into a wonderful, re-purposing and recycling adventure in sewing. It’s been great! I also puttered around in PS5 a bit, to try and give my re-invented self a tangible image that represents me and the direction I’m going.  ♥

Veggiewitch Designs on Etsy

This one was my second bag. I love the way it turned out!

Veggiewitch Designs on Etsy

This Flame flannel was screaming for me. It makes me think of Mages in WoW. /giggle

Veggiewitch Designs on Etsy

This one was a skirt that I never, ever wore. I loved the way it looked in the store, but it just sat in my drawer forever. That super-cute Winnie the Pooh ribbon was around the hem, but now it’s the strap. *happy dancing*

Veggiewitch Designs on Etsy

Last Summer my Elflings and I were playing with procion dyes, and we practiced with LWI (low water immersion) method on some organic cotton velour and organic bamboo/cotton velour. What you see here lining the Pooh Bag is from some of that fun.


29 thoughts on “Reclaimed Denim Bags FTW ♥

  1. Zen and Genki says:

    I love this! There is a whole slew of unused denim in my house that I’m constantly looking to upcycle…my daughter will also like this project, I’m sure. Thanks for sharing (you’re quite crafty!!)


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