Vegan Food Swap Canada – Round 1

Vegan Food Swap 1

This month, I participated in the Vegan Food Swap – Canada Edition for the first time. It was awesome! I had so much fun putting together the package for the Swap Partner I got, MeShell @ In Your City. I hope she liked it. ♥

The Swapper that got me, Fraser @ Cashews Rule Everything Around Me, sent the most lovely package! He sent me: a gorgeous tray full of organic turmeric (so fragrant and adds a luscious colour to my dishes); the yummiest organic, vegan chocolate bar (this went fast!); a delicious bag of organic, home-smoked, divine garam masala (this adds a magnificent touch to my vegan tacos!); a bag-full of his awesome, organic, candied, ginger (OMGoddess! There are no words for how yummy this is!); and a jar of amazing, organic, vegan, hazelnut-chocolate spread (I don’t know what else to say about this, except that it’s exactly what we had been talking about for about a week before the package arrived. This jar was an answer to my Elfling’s prayers!). Everything I got was wonderful! *happy dancing*

Thank you soooooo much, Fraser! You rock! ♥

Wanna know more? This link to The Vegan Food Swap has everything you need to get set-up, and there’s a link for US-based Vegans, too.  ♥


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