Vegan Pizza FTW!

Vegan Pizza

These pizzas were so good! This was the first time I opted to use Daiya Vegan Cheese substitute on my pizzas, too. It was actually pretty decent. To be honest, it turned out better than I had feared. I’m not completely sold on the product (a lot like tofu sausages – too much like the real thing – ewwie to me), but I would probably buy it again in the future if a recipe I needed to make required cheese. Lasagna comes to mind. *scratches head*

Vegan Pizza

I soaked the fruit for the pizzas and the smoothie. ♥

Vegan Pizza

Chopped-up the peppers. I had Elflings sneaking chunks when my back was turned. hehe ♥

Vegan Pizza

This was the first time in  a long time that I made a tomato sauce for pizzas. We usually just use a mashed bean or guacamole base. To be honest, my youngest didn’t like the taste of the organic tinned tomatoes. I don’t blame her. It’s really hard to wrap the palate around the tinned-stuff flavour, after we’ve been cooking everything else fresh and from scratch. I won’t be doing that again. ♥

Vegan Pizza

These shells look so good! They’re just naan bread rolled a little thinner. ♥

Vegan Pizza

This is the Daiya we used. It was well-worth the $5 we paid. ♥

Vegan Pizza

The first batch of pizzas was a combination of peppers, spinach and Daiya shreds.

Vegan Pizza

All baked, you can see the shreds melted just like dairy cheese.

Vegan Pizza

The second batch was a combination of a guacamole base, spinach, fresh tomato chunks and Daiya shreds.

Vegan Pizza

Once again, all baked, it looks like any other traditional type pizza. This was our favourite blend, especially for my youngest. ♥


21 thoughts on “Vegan Pizza FTW!

  1. Resa McConaghy says:

    Yummy! I love pizza. I make my own sauce from scratch with organic tomatoes. I make a mash with tofu, oil and nutritional yeast flakes for the cheese part. It doesn’t really melt, but it does a neat thing and can get toasty.


  2. toxicvegan says:

    I am a little afraid of vegan cheese – was dying to try Daia as had heard so much about it, but wasn’t blown away when I did. I think I’m totally used to no cheese now so the flavour freaks me out!! Am going to try again though as would be great to get my girls off dairy cheese – have you ever tried vegusto?

    I grind up cashews and sprinkle that on top of my pizza – it tastes amazing!! Or if I’m eating out, I just use chili oil! The guacamole base is an awesome idea – thank you :-)


    • Veggiewitch says:

      You know, I’m not sold on it either. It freaks me out, too. Just like tofu sausage (yuck-o) is too similar to the real thing. I’m also cautious of processed stuff, and these kinds of things meet that criteria. I prefer a mostly raw diet, so I will definitely be trying the cashew idea. Thank you for that, my friend. ♥

      A guacamole base is our favourite here. I could probably make guac every day, and there still wouldn’t be enough. My Elflings would live on it if I let them. ♥


  3. veggiewhatnow says:

    Wow these sound and look yummy! I love pizza! :)

    Question for you: Did the mozz daiya have a weird smell to it when you opened the package? My cheddar did- so I ended up just melting it & it was fine.


  4. thecrueltyfreereview says:

    I didn’t like Daiya the first time I tried it either…but as I began cutting out animal-cheese, it really grew on me and I love it on pizzas (well anything actually) now. Be on the lookout for the Daiya wedges–they are amazing and well worth trying.


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