This was my Grade 11 High School I.D. photo. It’s not gorgeous, but I wasn’t about gorgeous in High School. I didn’t really fit in very well at the Catholic High School, either. There was this one guy who had a penchant for acting threatening towards me when he was surrounded by his peers. Such bravado!

I remember one morning where I was running late. (I hated being late, but especially for school. I didn’t like the whole catch-up thing, and didn’t like wasting my time or the teacher’s. Yes, I was a little punk, but I wasn’t a total jerk.) I hustled up to the door, grabbed the handle, and just as I was pulling it open, this guy from behind me says: “Hey! You, with the funny hair. If I ever saw you in the bush, I’d fucking kill you!” followed by laughter.

I let go of the door, let it slide back into place, then turned my head slowly to the right. I looked straight at the little bugger. Raising my right, index finger to my forehead, I said: “Then you’d better get me right here, asshole, ’cause you’re only gonna get one shot.” After that, I opened the door and continued to walk through.

I saw that guy later that same day. He was walking and laughing with a friend of his. I looked at him and smirked. He literally blanched, then turned and walked the other way. Kind of funny, actually.


40 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. Cauldrons and Cupcakes says:

    *snap*!!! We had matching hair!!!!!!!!! *screams excitedly* Yay, Veggiewitch!!!!

    Sadly, at my private girls school I wasn’t allowed to gel it, colour it, or in any way draw attention without ‘detention’, so my undercut got covered up, and my hair flopped every which way instead.

    Pooh to mean dumb boys. I wonder if he found his humanity yet?


  2. clownonfire says:

    FTW! You’re fucking awesome my friend. Back then though, I would have been scared shitless by you.
    Le Clown


  3. Rachel in Veganland says:

    Oh VeggieWitch! Your story tickles me so!!! We kind of have matching hair… well you in this photo and me now. I have an undercut too, but it’s really more of a flophawk (floppy mohawk!) tee hee. Such a great little antic! Also, I want to do a little art exchange, so when you get the chance, make your way over to my blog and check it out! Can’t imagine doing it with out you!!!


    • Veggiewitch says:

      Beautiful! I really do love the flophawk, as well. I usually wore mine either up (with soap) or teased and mushroom-cloudy. ♥
      Running to your blog directly, my friend. ♥


  4. It's a Wiccan Life says:

    Sounds like you had some spunk in highschool. :) Boy am I glad I’m done with highschool though. :)


  5. texasdruids says:

    Fun pic! My high school days were way before yours. No spiked hair, not even pants allowed for girls. We had to wear skirts or be sent home. what a drag! But back then it was the norm.


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