I’m such a delinquent!

Cute Bunny

I feel like such a delinquent! I’ve received a few awards of late, but aside from thanking the senders, I’ve done little else. I am sorry for this slip, but assure you it’s not actually an over-sight. Wrapping-up Homeschool and finishing the last of our lessons was my main distraction. I will, however, endeavour to pay proper respect this coming weekend. Thank you for your infinite patience. ♥


9 thoughts on “I’m such a delinquent!

  1. Sword-chinned bitch says:

    Congratulations on receiving these awards! AND — you don’t know what a relief it is for me to hear you say this! I’ve got the same thing happening here and must address these kind gestures as well…


  2. Rachel in Veganland says:

    Can’t wait to see your awards! Thinking lots of you and your Elflings these days–having my wisdom teeth removed leaving me temporarily out of commission watching lots of movies on the couch. I watched all of the Wallace and Gromits they had to offer on Netflix, and after the procedure today, will be watching Madagascar!


    • Veggiewitch says:

      Grats to you, too, my friend. ♥

      I feel like these sweet people have made a beautiful gesture to pass an award my way, and I’ve been too busy to properly thank them and return the favour to another. I feel guilty, because some awards were given me quite a few weeks ago. /blush


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