Vegan Pizzas

We made pizzas for supper again tonight, and I just love how they turned out. This dough hasn’t let me down yet. Woot! We kept it simple with a guac schmear, diced tomatoes, spinach, and a little bit of Daiya mozza shreds. I was careful to have a ¼ of each pizza free of all Daiya, because my middle Elfling is really not a fan.

Vegan Pizzas

The first two, just prior to a 15 minute bake. Yummy! ♥

18 thoughts on “Pizza!

  1. it’s interesting and a bit Jungian that my e-mail inbox this morning had this post right before one from a political fundraiser titled “pizza party.” and that i still have one slice left from an order i did yesterday. must be the season of the pie. or the veggiewitch. somebody call Donovan Leitch.

  2. I could eat pizza early morning, morning, mid-morning, breakfast, brunch, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, afternoon snack, supper, early evening snack, late evening snack, and midnight snack………’s that good…………lol

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