Vegan Food Swap Canada – Round 2

Vegan Food Swap Canada - Round 2

This month, June, was my second month of participation in the Vegan Food Swap, Canada Edition. I’m so excited! It’s wonderful to get a surprise care-package in the mail! Woot! I had loads of fun putting together a package for Megan @ The Gluten Free Vegan. I hope she likes it. ♥

The Swapper that got me, Katie @ Not Your Parents’ Granola, sent such a wonderful package! She sent me: 2 Camino organic, vegan chocolate bars (peanut butter and almond butter were both to die for!); an organic, vegan Eli’s Earth Bar in Peanut Butter Crunch and Caramel (I can’t find enough adjectives to describe how scrumptious this bar was!); a bag with the perfect amount of organic Ceylon (True) Cinnamon (this tastes so good, and adds a delicate profile to the cinnamon toast my Elflings are addicted to.); a packet of locally-made, organic Spelt and Kale Sticks (Holy Moses! These went so fast! I’ve got to try and make some more. My Elflings and I loved them. ♥ ); a bag-full of organic, Black Quinoa (I cannot wait to use this! *happy dancing* ); a bag-full of organic, heirloom Rainbow Heritage Gardens bean mix (this is most gorgeous bag of beans I’ve ever seen! I want to make something (a few things!) really special with them. ♥ ); a bag-full of Ethiopian Berbere spice and a recipe (the fragrance from this amazing spice is gorgeously intoxicating! I cannot wait to try the spice and make the recipe. YUMMY!); there was also a bag-full of the most delicious organic, vegan Gummies (the bag is missing, because my Elflings were faster than me, and devoured them before I could set-up this photo. They were extremely good!).

Thank you soooooooooooo much, Katie! YOU are an angel! *squishy hugs*

Wanna know more? This link to The Vegan Food Swap has everything you need to get set-up, and there’s a link for US-based Vegans, too.  ♥


8 thoughts on “Vegan Food Swap Canada – Round 2

    • Veggiewitch says:

      Small steps, and one day at a time.
      We were semi-vegetarian for several years. It was a process of eliminating non-GMO and non-Organics that brought us to an awareness of the ethics of the meat industry, and how unnecessary eating meat and dairy really is to survival. ♥


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