My fridge ♥

Veggiewitch's Fridge

I love my fridge! Our favourite magnets, heroes, art, and photos cover the whole front. ♥

What do you have on your fridge?

36 thoughts on “My fridge ♥

  1. My fridge has pictures of grandkids, emergency doctors and vet phone numbers, and magnets from around the country.

  2. Super boring stainless steel fridge (no magnets because they don’t stick, and even if they did they would scratch the surface) Jealous!

  3. I’m glad someone recognizes how cool fridge art is. I have a Frida Kahlo magnet holding up a picture of a self-portrait of my sister with a unibrow and horns — she has neither. I have a rotten woman smoking a cigarette, an hysterical white monkey, and several other rancid items, including a fortune from a cookie saying my financial problems would be over soon — ha!

  4. Ohhhh, I love fridges! Whenever I start dating someone, I give the fridge a little glance (inside and out) just to see what I’m in for – it’s very telling!

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