My fridge ♥

Veggiewitch's Fridge

I love my fridge! Our favourite magnets, heroes, art, and photos cover the whole front. ♥

What do you have on your fridge?


36 thoughts on “My fridge ♥

  1. texasdruids says:

    My fridge has pictures of grandkids, emergency doctors and vet phone numbers, and magnets from around the country.


  2. Rachel in Veganland says:

    ohhh we have a lot stuck to our fridge. My favorite item is a portrait of my fuzzy baby Fini made by my 6 year old nephew!


  3. Somer says:

    Super boring stainless steel fridge (no magnets because they don’t stick, and even if they did they would scratch the surface) Jealous!


  4. Sword-chinned bitch says:

    I’m glad someone recognizes how cool fridge art is. I have a Frida Kahlo magnet holding up a picture of a self-portrait of my sister with a unibrow and horns — she has neither. I have a rotten woman smoking a cigarette, an hysterical white monkey, and several other rancid items, including a fortune from a cookie saying my financial problems would be over soon — ha!


  5. bar says:

    Ohhhh, I love fridges! Whenever I start dating someone, I give the fridge a little glance (inside and out) just to see what I’m in for – it’s very telling!


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