I will scream!

Scream Punk by nikijawa

I do like animals, but I really don’t want any, and I sure don’t want any in my house. Yeah, I’m talking about the rodent variety. I freaking hate mice! We had exterminators in this past March, and they were very helpful in suggesting points of entry and the bait they left seemed very effective. We’ve had our food in totes, solid containers and jars for ages, or up high as well as contained, but the thought of those little buggers climbing around and excreting indiscriminately skeeves me way out. I just want to puke! This morning I heard some noises in the kitchen that didn’t sound like our usual noisy fridge noises. The sounds were scratchy-type sounds. So I got up, looked around, and decided to move the fridge. As I’m pulling it out, I noticed a little brown mass come out the front at the bottom. Needless to say, I did scream. A little. Then the mouse ran back under the fridge and to the back of the wall. I looked behind the fridge. I could see the little creep! I really wanted to puke then. My skin was crawling all over. Looks like we’re going to be calling the exterminators again. We’re renting a place in a row of condos. They’re all privately owned. Our landlords are good people, but I don’t think they’re excited about getting verminators in again. When the exterminators were here the last time, they told us that as much as we do is great, but if our neighbors are not taking the mouse problem seriously, then it’s very likely we’ll see them again and again. Freaking great! Here we go again… I’m going to scream!

**To be honest, I am guilty of considering borrowing a cat or letting a snake loose. Neither are great options for a few reasons: 1) I’m allergic to cats; 2) the mice have been eating poison bait; 3) snakes creep me out.

27 thoughts on “I will scream!

  1. Embrace your inner vegan and love the mouse :-D Or lose the bait and try the snake option (I just think that’s really cool – I wouldn’t do it, I’d be terrified of the snakes more than the mice, but something’s got to give). Seriously good luck, rodents are hardy b*stards. Just keep’em out of your food like you’ve been doing and keep a cool head.

  2. VW,
    Frogs. You need frogs. And not a French Canadian Frog. Unless it’s a French Canadian Clown Frog.
    Le Clown

      • VW,
        Now you’re speaking my language! That an D. auratus “Santa Maria”. Beautiful. Did you know they lose all their “poison” in captivity as they get it from what they eat in the wild?
        Le Clown

          • VW,
            If you’re serious, I’d love to help. I know some type of Dendrobates are illegal in BC (like my Phyllobates terribilis, if I’m right)… But two things you should know:

            1. They need an extremely high humidity environment. So you will need to keep at 75% and above. Misting the enclosure 2-3 times a day will suffice.

            2. Depending on the specie you will choose, chances are, they will eat fruit flies. If you are not disgusted by FF, you will need to breed some wingless or flightless ones. It’s easy, but you need to be ok with that. Some larger poison dart frogs will eat smaller crickets (1/8), like the P. terribilis, and the Dendrobates tinctorius Azureus. But I would definitely looking onto FF. Once you start breeding them, you save a great deal of money on feeders.

            So. If you still want to go ahead, I could suggest you a few species. And frankly, I would go with a starter species like D. auratus or D. tinctorius.

            Let me know. And you can always send me an email.

            Le Clown

            • VW,
              The P. terribilis are part of the Dendrobatidae family, but they are not from the “Dendrobates” genus, they’re indeed from the Phyllobates genus… I’m sorry if I was confusing on that one.
              Le Clown

  3. VW, Have you considered an outdoor cat? Having the kitty outdoors would keep the mice from entering your house and they would probably find the spot where they’re coming in and get them! Also, having the kittums out of doors probably won’t upset your allergies… then there are your Elflings… I’m sure they would love a cat! Tell your Hellboy lover that I’ve been thinking of naming my next creature after him… just a suggestion of names… (Sheesh, am I a crazy cat lady or WHAT?!)

    • An outdoor cat would probably not be an option. =0(
      Our backyard is a communal space, and the city I live in has a “Leash Law” for cats. It’s absurd! I’m liking the peta suggestion to place rags and cotton balls soaked in ammonia outside to deter them. We’re just not sure how they’re getting in, because we plugged loads of spaces already, and applied flashing to air-intake and wire mesh over spots. I really have no idea what we’ve missed.

  4. Oh ewww. I don’t know how you could stand them. I would probably move lol but that’s me always taking the eaiser way out. Hope you get the problem fixed soon.

    • We just renewed our lease for another year, and we love this place. =0)
      The mice mischief will be managed, and I have a few good ideas to try from the peta site. We can do our best to deter them from coming in, and try to ensure there are no easy access points. It’s a bit frustrating, but I’ve got to stay positive… even though sometimes it’s a challenge.

  5. Oh, oh, oh I remember… we were once infested with mice – as cute as they were, they had to go! A neighbour cleared her garage and the nest of mice all relocated to my house!! I’m ashamed to say my hubby set up traps :(
    One of the mice fell into the dogs water dish and drowned :(((
    I remember it well – my heart goes out to you!

    • I truly do have compassion for the little creatures, too, and i just don’t want them in my house anymore. My emotional responses are just that, because the thought of them getting into our things as unpleasant. We are working to deter them, and eliminate ways for them to get in. If they can’t get in, we don’t have to try and find ways to get them out. They have a place, just not in my home. ♥

  6. First, how were you able to put a picture in your comment. I want to learn how. Please teach me.
    Second, understand that mice and rats have collapsible rib cages, so they can get through holes the size of a dime for the little mice and about a quarter for the bigger rats.
    This means that they can get under doors, too, so make sure that the garage door goes all the way to the ground, that the vent screens in the garage walls are secure all the way around, and undamaged, and neve leave your doors to the exterior open under any circumstances. Those little rodents can scurry through an open doorway lickety split. Make sure your screen doors don’g have gaps at the bottom; many do.

    • I have my photos stored on a Photobucket account, and I used the [ img ] – [ /img ] info to C&P into the post. Not all WP blogs have posting images and videos enabled, but can enable it in Settings -> Media. ♥

      All great tips! Thank you very much, my friend. I’m sure we’ve missed something somewhere. I’m fanatical about closing the doors, and my Elflings are always on each other, too. CLOSE THE DOOR!

      I always get the creeps just thinking about it. =0/

  7. I also had mice recently and was so outraged that I chose to blog about it. I don’t appreciate their bravado. I don’t even think they have the courtesy to wipe their feet before they enter the house.

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