Do you ever feel like your best efforts to do the right thing for yourself and your family are constantly being undermined by someone who may or may not be well-meaning? Thwarted even! I swear my extended family must really believe we are “going through a phase” with our healthy, plant-based eating habits. We thank you very much, but we do not eat meat and dairy anymore. Yes, donuts have butter in them, and often on them. I won’t even talk about what else they have in them. Sheesh! No, hot dogs are not ok. Even if it’s stuff they wouldn’t ever actually sell, it’s still meat, and it’s in hot dogs. Geeeeez!


That’s not even the worst of it. It seems like everyone around me is being slapped with another bogus diagnosis. Have you ever noticed these friggen’ quacks can’t seem to agree on a diagnosis? Do you know why? It’s bullshit! You simply cannot diagnose the human condition as an illness. It really pisses me off! I’m sick of this crap about “un-diagnosed mental illness” I keep hearing about. What’s the agenda here? To get everyone on medication. What’s the pay-off? Fucking control! Thank you very much, but I will continue to eat well, live healthy, and raise my children to do the same. The day I hand over control of my health and life to an apathetic pusher of pharmaceutical drugs will also have to be the day I off myself. Resistance is NOT futile! Resistance is LIFE!

30 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. I so know what you are saying. I’ve been to at least 2 dinners where the host knew I was a Veggie. In my honor, they roasted a Lamb. Their reasoning was the same: It’s not meat, it’s Lamb! I say change the “b” in Lamb to an “e” and you’ve got what I think.

  2. Those same people when they are older and diseased by animal based products well be told by a dietician to eat a plant based diet. However it will be too late to reverse the damage…

    • This is true; however, I think it’s never too late to eat better (unless, of course, it happens to be the day right before you shuffle off this mortal coil). Sometimes small changes make a great difference. ♥

  3. That’s well stated, Denise! :) But whenever I have vegetarians or vegans over at dinner , I make the whole dinner party: vegan or vegetarian, depending who is dining with us! :)
    My husband loves eating vegan but he surely wants his meat 2x/week. If it was only me, I eat vegan every day: I feel good when eating this way!!!! ;)

  4. Absolutely. What’s with the diagnosis – now everything has to have some complicated label? I remember when we were simply depressed, hyper, nervous or psychotic! I think people have become obsessed.

    • It truly is an obsession, and doctors are all too eager to slap a tidy label of bi-polar or somesuch on people after less than 15 minutes of a first encounter.

      It makes more sense to treat the causes of the “droops” with better nutrition, rather than throw chemicals at symptoms, effectually creating addicts. WTF? But what the hell do I know? I’m just a recovering alcoholic, 5 years sober. I treated myself with an intense herbal detox over 3 months, and began with eliminating processed foods, until arriving at a purely organic, plant-based vegan diet late last year. WTF do I know, indeed?

      • You can make vegetarian meals without telling your guests Pasta, Veggie Soup, etc. I have been vegetarian for over twenty years, but I mostly keep it to myself because some people react differently.

        • We’re starting to do this, but they know we are vegan, and understand that means there will be no milk, butter, cheese or meat in the dishes I prepare. I’m starting to just say c’est la vie if they don’t want to come over for dinners, etc. /shrug

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