Choke Cherries ♥

Choke Cherries

We were up at my mother’s house earlier this week, for an interview with an agent from Alberta Health Care to begin the application process for Assisted Living (Yay for progress!). I brought along some sandwiches and fresh lemonade to have for lunch, before the agent arrived. We really like helping out and bringing the meals I prepare and freeze for her. I’ve been bringing her frozen, portioned meals every other week for almost 2 years, because I had noticed she was getting thin due to not eating properly or often enough. It’s likely she was not remembering to eat, too. Her Parkinson’s and the meds for it are culprits, as well, but it is what it is. On the way to our visit, we noticed some gorgeous, plump choke cherries, so we nibbled on a few. On the way back, we snapped this little pic. They were super-good. ♥


13 thoughts on “Choke Cherries ♥

  1. Victor Tookes says:

    There’s a row of cherry trees outside my office, I’ve never once managed to eat one. The birds always get them well before they’re anywhere near ripe. Every year I’m hopeful, and every year I’m denied.


  2. Rachel in Veganland says:

    What is a choke cherry? they look delightful and I love the color of red! Denise, also sent you an email about possibly doing an email interview with you for my new mini blog I’m doing for an online class. Reading this sweet little post made me even more excited about the possibility!


    • Veggiewitch says:

      This is my folly to call them choke cherries, because I believe they are actually a variety of Nanking Cherry bush, which originated in Asia. They basically grow wild, and are pretty hardy. I bet they’d be pretty easy to grow, if you wanted me to send you some seeds. ♥

      I’ll check my email directly. Anything for you, my friend. ♥


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