And it works!

Natural Deodorant Testers

I’m doing a testing phase with some natural deodorant. *happy dancing* It’s made by me with 100% organic, unrefined coconut oil, so with the organic essential oil, there is a base note of coconut. It smells super-yummy, goes on really smooth, is applied like cream with your fingertips, and totally works. I was getting really sick of stuff that didn’t work, or reading deo labels that had combinations of aluminum, propylene glycol, and any number of the dirty dozen in them, so I made my own. WOOT! If anyone is interested in being a guinea pig tester for me, please comment on this post. It would be $3 USD for the shipping from me to you, wherever you are. ♥

Please let me know if you’d like lemongrass (citrus and floral – fresh and clean), lavender (floral, mild and sweet), unscented/coconut, or if you’d rather wait for bergamot (the scent of earl grey tea). The testers are 1 oz size. I would like to know your impressions on the scent, efficacy, feel, etc, as well as how long the tester pot lasts you. TIA! ♥

Also, I’m going to post my email address for those of you interested in testing, and want to contact me directly. Just contact me at: veggiewitch (AT)


31 thoughts on “And it works!

  1. Sword-chinned bitch says:

    All right! This is great you came up with your own. I use the crystal but it doesn’t work all the time. I even thought about not using any at all. I don’t know. At least I know where to come if I want to try something different. You are so creative!


  2. toxicvegan says:

    OOoo, I wish I lived closer!! Will be interested to hear what all your guinea pigs, I mean tasters, say! I use an anti pers at the moment and it’s really bad but like you, I haven’t found a clean one that actually works! I will watch this space and well done! x


  3. thingsmybellylikes says:

    I won’t ask you to send any (I live on a tiny island in darkest Caribbean where the postal service leaves a lot to be desired) but I’m definitely interested in what you come up with – I’ve tried all kinds of ‘natural’ stuff with no luck. Coconut oil just runs right off cos it’s too hot here and everything else doesn’t last more than an hour. Please post if you come up with something foolproof….my pits will thank you :) (sorry, was that too gross?!)


    • Veggiewitch says:

      Awwwwe… I totally understand. My mother-in-law keeps her sample in the fridge so it’s a little more firm. I like mine softer, so it’s more like cream. I don’t mind sending to the Caribbean. LMK. =0)


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