Doping or Duping?

Lance Armstrong

In an effort to weigh-in on this topic, I will share my impressions and opinion here. This is my blog, I can do that. ;0)

This whole mess about Lance Armstrong really bothers me. I’m a Canuckadian, so it’s got nothing to do with nationalism. I don’t think he’s even remotely guilty of doping, and I do believe his statement about not using performance enhancing drugs. To be honest, there are such strict rules regarding dopage in competitions (ie: Tour de France), that the screening tests are so many, rigorous and frequent, it would be very difficult not to have been caught at least once if one would have tried to sneak a tweak in. Of the 7 Tour de France competitions Lance Armstrong went on to win, not a single test showed any trace of drugging or dopage. Not one. Why is he under suspicion now? It doesn’t make sense to me. Actually, it stinks of corporate offal.

Hold on…

If I play Devil’s Advocate for a second, I am willing to admit that there might actually be traces of drugs in Lance Armstrong’s system, but they’re not the “performance enhancing” kind. It is public knowledge that Mr. Armstrong has battled with cancer (his charity has raised some mega-bucks), and some of the Tour de France competitions he went on to win fell within a close-time proximity to his cancer treatments. It’s quite possible that any traces of drugs within his system were of the toxic, cancer treatment, variety. That should have made it harder for him to compete, let alone win.

Yup, I still cry bullshit on this.

I’m sorry, Lance. This whole thing is really bogus. For what it’s worth, this little Canuckadian blogger still believes in you.


18 thoughts on “Doping or Duping?

  1. iRuniBreathe says:

    I also think it’s all very strange. He may have been doping but there has never been any proof, admittance on his part, or evidence (other than hearsay from other competitors) to prove this point. Why the witch-hunt? Why the long, drawn-out legal battles? To what end?
    Regardless of his innocence (which currently I still believe he is), competing and winning 7 Tour titles is nothing to sneeze at, drugs or not.


  2. Harry says:

    I to believe he is not guilty, after under going so many drugs tests over the years. And why did so many past members say he did use drugs, I think the Americans wanted him out of racing because he stole the limelight.


  3. An Unrefined Vegan says:

    I am totally with you on this one, Veggiewitch! And I am not a Lance Armstrong fan. He was tested over and over again, probably more than any other cyclist/athlete and nary a trace was found. Being stripped of his hard-won titles when there is only heresay evidence stinks really, really badly.


  4. texasdruids says:

    Lance is still my hero. He’s made of iron, but even iron bends under tons of painful pressure, like what’s been heaped upon him. I don’t blame him for saying enough! I also don’t believe he ever took any banned drugs, and I really don’t see how he could have done blood doping without someone outside his team finding out long ago.

    As for Americans wanting to see him brought down, excuse me, but I think that’s dead wrong. Unless I’m vastly mistaken, most of us Americans regard Lance as a national hero. I know Texans do.


  5. Aimee B. says:

    I totally agree with you. I think it stinks they are doing this to him. I feel so sorry for what he and his family must be going through with all this nonsense. Seriously, I think people always seem to get on the “doping bandwagon” when there’s any athlete who has great success. I guess they don’t think anyone can win based on talent and lots of hard work & training! :/


  6. Becks says:

    It’s been “Lance” for way too long, and if they could add more other mid- to high-profile athletes to their list and actually have something to talk about in the media. The efforts against performing enhancing drugs (IMO) should be focused on body builders, football players and for Lance’s sake, anyone else who hasn’t jumped through the court system yet.

    You hit the nail right on the head.


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