Mischief Managed…

Mischief Managed

…and I couldn’t be happier! It’s nearly 10-months later, and I’ve inadvertently managed to get my weight under control. The only thing I’ve done is eliminate meat and dairy. So simple, and I love it! It’s funny, because last year I was taking a prescription medication for my “seasonal allergies,” and the symptoms were only barely alleviated. This year, I actually had what could be considered “seasonal allergies,” and the most I needed was a bit of tissue. The only difference this year is the absence of meat and dairy, and a fully organic, veg-based diet. Huzzah! We’ve all noticed improvements and benefits, and definitely cannot be happier. *happy dancing*


20 thoughts on “Mischief Managed…

  1. Somer says:

    You adorkable creature. I love this post. Here’s to a plant based diet and to both of us feeling so much better. I’m only 10 months in. Imagine what we’ll feel like a year from now!


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