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We found a new house, and there’s room for all of us! It’s a 4-bedroom bungalow, and the 3 main bedrooms are all on the main floor. My Mom is fine with stairs (so far), but now she doesn’t have to go up or down any stairs unless she wants to. These are all stock photos taken from the listing, but it gives an idea of what we have to look forward to. ♥

new house pic

This is the front of the house…

new house pic

…and this will be our backyard and deck. The garage is a double, and although we don’t have a car, it will come in extremely handy for my crafting and supplies, as it is fully insulated. Woot!

new house pic

I love this front room! The fireplace will be totally awesome for next Yule/Winter Solstice/Christmas! ♥

new house pic

This stove is going to see a lot of use. I can’t wait to use an actual gas range! The last time I used a “gas” stove was in Brasil. We had a propane stove, with a gaudy propane tank beside the stove top. We had to turn on the element we wanted, then strike a match. Hardly safe, but I suspect this new one will be quite a bit safer. ;0)

new house pic

This is the en suite from the master bedroom. It’s got a steam shower! *happy dancing*

new house pic

This washer and dryer set has me super-excited, too! I’ve always wanted a front-load washer, and the high efficiency factor is sublime. We take possession on March 1, 2013, and we just signed a two-year lease last night. Squeeeee! ♥


30 thoughts on “Squeee!

  1. maedez says:

    Big congrats! What a cute bungalow. A gas range is our number one requirement in a dwelling (of course, L is a chef). They are the best! And I am really envious of that shower. Wow!


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