Holy Crap!

Shocked Mom

I totally cannot believe so much time has passed. The Holidays were, like, 2 months ago! Bad, bad Veggiewitch!

Anyhow, I’ve been nutsy-busy with Homeschool, knitting, and now packing for our move-out end of this month. We have movers coming on March 1, and that should help make the move go easier… I hope. *fingers crossed*

I’ve also been reflecting a lot about the past 13 or so months. I’ve recently realized a milestone, and recognized my first year of eating a gorgeous, vegan diet. I honestly can’t remember ever having felt better. Even when I quit drinking and smoking, I used herbal remedies to detox and get my life back on track, but it wasn’t until quitting meat and dairy that I actually started to feel really human again. It’s good, and I’m glad.

Mango Salsa

The above photo is a little dish I whipped-up on Sunday night. It’s a mango-tomato-cuke salsa/salad, with sprouted beans, ACV (apple cider vinegar – from the Mother is important), garlic, salt, pepper, and pea shoots. Enjoy!


15 thoughts on “Holy Crap!

  1. texasdruids says:

    I can relate to your busy life right now. Mine’s the same, though for different reasons, namely a writing deadline, contest coordinator duties, judging entries for same writing contest, and getting ready to participate in a big romance author conference and book signing at the end of March. It’s enough to make me crazy!

    Your salad looks too good to eat. When I first glimpsed the pic, I thought it was a pretty Christam decoration. I’m glad your vegan diet works so well for you. Keep healthy!


  2. Rachel in Veganland says:

    Hooray! Your salsa looks amazing and I am so glad to hear about your move! I also couldn’t be happier to see you around the blogosphere again! Your powerful voice has been missed!


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