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Hi, hi, hi! It’s been too long!

So, I was watching T.V. with my grandma, and as I was watching the commercials, I noticed how most of them are targeted at women. As I listened to the commercials, it struck me just how many of them there are! Now when it comes to commercials, you have 10 commercial groups: electronics; alcoholic beverages; pharmaceuticals; pet products; cleaning agents; fast/junk “food”; banking commercials; home décor; vanity or beauty/body products; and weight loss propaganda. Out of those 10, 5 are primarily targeted at women. These 5 are composed of: beauty/body products; weight loss propaganda, fast/junk “foods”, and some of the alcohol commercials.

The vanity/body/beauty commercials mostly targeted at women are: hair; makeup; anti-aging products; weight loss; underwear and undergarments; shaving/waxing products; clothing; skin care; female hygiene and monthly cycle products; oral hygiene; etc. I’m not one for Dove, because I don’t use conventional commercial products, but I will give them credit …

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