I’m still alive!

Hello all! I’ve been so busy lately wrapping-up Homeschool for my Elflings, registering Metatron (my middle Elfling, and Warrior Angel) for High School in a near-by public school, finding a good groove, and juicing like a beast on my Epic Reboot, that I’ve hardly had time to sit down and write anything to update.

I’m really loving my Reboot, and feel super-awesome! I saw my Family Doc on May 6 for a check-up, blood tests, etc., and all is good. I have no idea what the number on the scale said, because this adventure is not about a number, it is about feeling healthier and clearing out the gunk my body is hoarding like a miser. I’ll have a comparative idea in the beginning of July, because we’re going to compare all the numbers and values at the end of my Epic Reboot. I’m going for 60-days. ;0)

Today is Day-25, and I’ve decided to have Metatron help me record the process, so I can share a glimpse of “a day in the life” with you all. ;0)

It’s a good day to feel great! ❤ xo


8 thoughts on “I’m still alive!

  1. Rachel in Veganland says:

    I’ve so enjoyed seeing your juicing adventures via instagram! Can’t wait to hear more about it!! :)


    • Veggiewitch says:

      Thank you so much, Rach! It’s been a challenging and rewarding adventure, and I’m going to keep on going for a full 60-days to reach my goal.

      Love ya like a crazy! ❤ xo


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