Holy crap!

Me Before & After

So, I know it’s been a while, but I promise I’ve thought of you all. Yes, each one of you wonderful, brilliant, lovely and excellent people!

I was inspired by Joe Cross’s documentary, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead,” to start my own reboot, which I began on May 1, 2013. I was not interested in the value of what I weighed when my doctor weighed me on May 6, but was curious to see the comparison once I had completed 60-days. As my reboot progressed, I began to feel better than I ever imagined I could have. I noticed subtle differences in my physical appearance, as well as my clothes simply fit better or looser. It was a thrill! I completed my 60-day reboot this past June 30, and visited my doctor today for a weigh-in. I could not believe the numbers when she told me, and I’m still gobsmacked. I managed to drop 15kg over the past 60-days! That’s about 33lbs! I know, right! I feel awesome! It took me a 60-day reboot to gain the confidence I was lacking, and the motivation I needed to include actual exercise (I do a daily yoga routine and run/walk right after) into my life. Yay! I’m also going for another 30-days. ;0)

Me Before & After

The photo on the left was taken on April 28, 2013, and the photo on the right was taken June 29, 2013. It’s a great comparison pic to give an idea of my transformation. I feel like a new woman! ❤


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