Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

There are so many beautiful birds around our new house, so my mister and I got a pretty, little, cedar bird feeder. It’s amazing how many birds have come to nibble! The squirrels and bunnies are getting in on the treats, too. It’s awesome!

Bird Feeder

Awwwwwwe! These two are so precious.

Bird Feeder

Tucking-in to their snack.

Bird Feeder

So cute.

Bird Feeder

Flying-in for a nibble.

Bird Feeder

I love their chirping, especially first thing in the morning. ;0)

Bird Feeder

This little guy looks very official sitting there on his branch.

Bird Feeder

I think she might be hiding or something.

Bird Feeder

Cleaning-up what falls from the feeder.

Bird Feeder

I just love looking at our cedar feeder and sitting in wait to see who comes to visit for a snack.


3 thoughts on “Bird Feeder

  1. Victor Tookes says:

    I love having a bird feeder, but I have the greediest squirrels! Regardless of what fancy squirrel-proof bird-feeder I hang, they find a way to dump it out in hours! I was going broke feeding them!


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