I am not a redneck!


I’m a little embarrassed to tell people I’m from Calgary. I’m especially uncomfortable to tell them so during the most disgusting outdoor show on Earth, the Calgary Stampede Scampede. Every single year animals die during the grossest of displays, the rodeo events and chuckwagon races. Those fucking events don’t have anything to do with so-called “cowboy” history, and everything to do with overpowering an animal for the purpose of turning a profit and to entertain. Cruelty is never entertainment. Ever. I’m so glad it’s finally over!


There is an opinion that these animals used and abused during rodeo events are taken care of. Oh, really? Like you mean, brushed and washed to keep them from looking unkempt; then fed and watered the minimum necessary to ensure they don’t die, kind of care? Because, correct me if I’m wrong, that sounds an awful lot like maintaining something, not caring for it. You can’t possibly care about something that you can easily replace. Period. Many Calgarians get their panties all twisted-up when anyone, especially someone from another city, makes a comment about the brutality and gruesome display that the Scampede is. Fuck you, Calgary! The Scampede is disgusting!


There have been three (that I am aware of, or that have been made public) animal fatalities during this Scampede of 2013, and the latest is extremely nauseating. The cowshit cowbutt cowfuck cowbeast cowboy on horseback chases a panicked steer around in the dirt at a gallop, then drops onto the terrified steer, grabs him by the horns, then violently twists his head around. As a result of this violent and vicious attack, the cowasshole actually manages to sever the spinal cord of the steer! Can you fucking believe that? /barf


The steer goes limp, just lays there in the dirt. Eventually, a team of pro-rodeo shitheads come in to put up a black shield, blocking the scene of animal torture from the paying mob. Why the fuck would they block the scene? Is the result somehow worse than the process? Where is the disconnect between cow and beef for people? Why so fucking squeamish? Yes, this shit makes me rage! The local, conservative news reported the murder, but it didn’t get heaps of coverage. Truth be told, our fearless reporters expect animal fatalities. Want to know what gets them worked-up? When some piece of shit cowboy gets hurt in a rodeo event, that’s what! The day after the steer was murdered, a cowboy got a booboo, and the news was all over it. What I say is: “Fuck you! You got what you deserve. You choose to put your brain-dead life at risk. You even get paid to be a fucking moron! These cows and horses don’t have a choice. If they did, they would run far and fast when they’d see your motherfucking faces coming at them!”


My family and I boycott the Scampede. We have boycotted it for the last 10 years. We’ll continue to boycott. This shit boils my blood, and I am proud to say that I am not a redneck!


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