My Runners

my runners

These are my runners; there are many like them, but these ones are mine.

I keep my runners right by my bed to remind me to run everyday. It took me a 60-day reboot to gain the confidence and motivation to start exercising. Since completing the 60-days, I have started doing a morning yoga routine, followed by a run/walk. I run around our block, then down a hill behind our house, I then run up the hill partly before power-walking some to regain myself, followed by running the remainder home. My goal is to run more and walk less. I am managing to succeed in this goal, which is a total rush. I’ve spent the last 30+ years believing I have asthma, and I’d begin wheezing almost immediately after beginning a brisk walk. I feel awesome, and rarely even need my inhaler anymore. All I did was stick to a juice-cleanse regimen, (essentially flushing out yucky toxins which my body was hording like a stingey miser) of fresh, organic fruit and veggie juice for 2-months. I’m still juicing because I love it so much, so I’ve extended my personal challenge to 90-days. As of today, I’m on Day-78. I’d have never thought it was as easy as juice! Yay! *cheer*


2 thoughts on “My Runners

    • Veggiewitch says:

      Thank you so much, Sweetie! (((Hugs)))

      I used to say I’d “never” run. In fact, I think I recall hearing myself say that almost 2-months ago. Funny how things change for the better. :0)


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