Garden Shots

Pea Shoots

I’m so excited every time I look at our garden! These peas are growing so nicely, and I can’t wait to harvest them. Squeeeee!


I’m loving this little, baby lettuce that’s popping-up. It’s not much, but it’s our very first home-grown lettuce in our organic garden.


This was the first sprout in the carrot patch. I think my mister buried the little seeds just a touch too far down. ;0)


Our sunflowers are getting bigger, too. There are only three left of the five seedlings that sprouted, but I’ll be happy if only one grows up to greet the sun and beckon little pollinators to our garden. This year it’s really an experimental crop, since we’ve never done it before.


There are fluffy patches of clover everywhere in the front and back. I hope the bunnies love eating it as much as I love looking at it.


4 thoughts on “Garden Shots

  1. terravintagemama says:

    Your garden looks amazing! I love seedlings so much, they all look so happy and excited to be alive :D I just wish my own garden could seem that way, but honestly, Texas can be a harsh landscape. I know it will get there again though when it isn’t so dead hot! Oh and homegrown lettuce is SO good. <3


    • Veggiewitch says:

      Thank you so much. :0)

      Whether we harvest much or not, it’s so exciting to see the growth and green in our backyard. I just love it! Yay! :0)

      I hope your garden flourishes for you. ❤


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