Fame Corrupting Youth…

I love my Elflings so much, and I am extremely proud of each of them. My middle Elfling surprises me everyday with her beautiful, amazing, awesome, and artistic brain, and the vastness of her eloquence. I cried reading this blog post. My very favourite line is: “Speaking of media and status quo, it is a twisted vortex of black madness and swirling thoughts full of lost wishes and messed up things you “should” be or shouldn’t be.” It is one of the most beautiful sentences I’ve read in ages, years even! Wow! ♥



Now, Miley Cyrus’ new music video came out. The so-called “message” in Miley’s new video is quite disturbing. I don’t see anything of importance, just: drugs, sex, alcohol, and trash. Music is a way of expressing inner emotion in a way words cannot say. Art in all it’s forms, is a way of expressing emotions you can’t explain, but the music and “so-called art” like Miley’s new music, and similar artists, just make it look terrible.

I kind of understand why Miley did it. For attention, I’m sure. And not just attention, but I think she got tired of people looking at her as the young, little girl from Hannah Montana. That is no excuse for being a trashy hoe, though. Miley said she did the video for her fans. I don’t know if she quite understands who her fan base is. After being a big hit as Hannah Montana, a lot of her…

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