Because I waited…

Blue Dragonfly

…I was able to snap several photos of a massive, blue and black dragonfly who frequents our backyard. I feel so lucky to have these shots and these visits. Ever since I was a little girl, I would wonder if dragonflies weren’t fairies in disguise, and this was just the form we were able to see them from our dimension. Seeing a similar point of view woven into the mythology of Pan’s Labyrinth was a relief to me. ;0)

Blue Dragonfly

Photo courtesy of Google


6 thoughts on “Because I waited…

  1. Rodneia says:

    My little one loves Dragonflies. She used to have one she called ‘The Guy’. The Guy was the size of a bird, the most enormous dragonfly I have ever seen, as large as my hand. The Guy liked to warn himself/herself on our stucco walls in the summer and was always around when my girl went outside. We found The Guy dead 2 summers ago and my girlie was very sad. I am sure he/she made wonderful ant food for the winter. But sad, we have never seen another dragonfly like The Guy.


    • Veggiewitch says:

      The Guy sounded like an awesome dragonfly. ♥

      I’ve seen so many around here, and many more than I’d ever seen in either of the places we’d lived previously. We’ve definitely chosen the right area to live. :0)


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