31-Day Blog Challenge

31-Day BLog Challenge

I came across this Blog Challenge (and a few others) right as I was extending my Reboot Challenge. I like this one, so I figure “why the heck not?” I’ll be doing this challenge throughout the month the August. Anyone care to join me? It’ll be fun. You know you wanna. ;0)


36 thoughts on “31-Day Blog Challenge

  1. wakinyanwinyan says:

    Hi Veggiewitch,

    I think this sounds cool. I just might join you.

    And, thanks for connecting on Facebook, I’ve been overwhelmed lately and haven’t had the chance to say “hi” and “you’re awesome.”

    So, “hi” and “you’re awesome.”

    Hee hee!


    • Veggiewitch says:

      Thank you so much. It was a photo I’d been struck by a few times while net-surfing, and the most recent time it caught my eye, I figured it should reside atop my blog.

      Super-glad you like it, too. ♥


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