Day 4 ~ What I’m afraid of?

Great White Shark

Photo via Google

Day 4 ~ What I’m afraid of?:

Although I’m totally creeped out by snakes, I’m absolutely terrified of sharks. The Great White Shark especially scares the hell out of me!

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19 thoughts on “Day 4 ~ What I’m afraid of?

  1. Rodneia says:

    was 7 years old and had a huge shark swim under me. Felt the water displacement first, then the wiggle of the tail fin, then looked down and there he was right under me, in the ocean. Noticed that everyone was out of the water and my dad was screaming for me to swim back and coming my way. Lucky for me, the shark was just curious, but having that enormous dark figure underneath you, freaks you to no end. To this day I am terrified of sharks. I am so afraid of them that I am scared to swim in a swimming pool at night, as I start imagining that there are dark shapes underneath. It really makes no sense, specially in a swimming pool. It also took years for me to go back into sea water past my knees. I recently started swimming (on vacation) in the sea again, mostly for snorkling, but sometimes right in the middle of it, I get gripped with almost ridiculous and paralyzing fear.


  2. It's a Wiccan Life says:

    My sister loves sharks! ESP great whites! I hate snakes, spiders, birds, squirles, and am not fond of dogs.


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