Milk…It Does a Body Bad!

I love everything about this post! It’s never too late to ditch dairy AND quit eating corpses! Vegan FTW! :0)

Honk If You're Vegan


I recently watched a re-run of the show, Frasier, where Roz is pregnant and has a meltdown after realizing that she’s run out of milk. “I’m going to be a terrible mother,” she cries to Frasier. Not knowing what’s upset her, Frasier tries to calm her down. Still aggravated, however; Roz storms to the kitchen and comes out shaking an empty milk carton saying, “See! Milk is a staple, and I ran out of it. My baby is doomed.”

As this Frasier episode shows, our society has bought into the idea that milk does a body good so much so that we believe it’s necessary for our health. When you stop to think about it, however; this is strange. Milk is produced by a mother to nurture her infant. When the baby no longer needs this rich form of nutrients, she’s weaned. End of story, except for humans, that is.

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2 thoughts on “Milk…It Does a Body Bad!

    • Veggiewitch says:

      I appreciate you and your thoughts on this topic. It’s an important one, and high-time people started realizing the scope and scale of the efforts the dairy and cattle industries took to brainwash people about meat and milk products.


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