Day 14 ~ If I won the lottery…

pot of gold

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Day 14 ~ If I won the lottery…:

There are so many things I would do if I won the lottery, but the first thing I would have to do is actually play the lottery. Regardless, this post is not about whether I play, but rather what if I won. I would look into relocating, first of all, and seek a country with more stable weather (by this, I mean: more sun, less snow, and more temperate climate) than here in Calgary, and where marijuana is legal (to alleviate my mother’s Parkinson’s symptoms). I would ensure that my children and theirs would be taken care of and have access to the best post-secondary education available. I would also travel to every single place on my baby bucket list (France, UK, Eire, Italy, Greece, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Spain, the rest of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South America, Asia, etc.), and see everything I’ve ever wanted or needed to see. I would help friends and family where I could, without allowing myself to be used and taken advantage of. Then, I would cover my entire body in ink! ♥

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