3 Lies and 2 Truths


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At the end of September I read an awesome post entitled Tell Me a Lie, by Celeste at Honk if You’re Vegan. The basis of the exercise is to tell 2 lies and 1 truth, in order to generate conversation and “break the ice” for people who may not always find social communication as inviting as others might. I found the topic so intriguing, and although I didn’t take the opportunity to comment via the original post, I was inspired and think it would be fun to offer up my own little homage here. So…

3 Lies and 2 Truths

  1. I used to love to sing and perform in High School.
  2. When I was little, I used to dream about having a Lamborghini once I was old enough to drive.
  3. While out with a friend several years ago, I met and was invited to sit and chat with Eric Roberts. He was polite.
  4. My fondest wish used to be to fly an F-14 Tomcat. It was all I could think about.
  5. My paternal uncle was partially eaten by two dogs after he’d suffered a fatal heart attack while house-sitting.

Thank you again, Celeste! You inspire me! :D

Can YOU guess which two of the above are my truths?

Check back tomorrow for the answers. ;0)

How about YOU, do you wanna play?


15 thoughts on “3 Lies and 2 Truths

  1. Robyn says:

    How fun…I’ll play!
    1) When I was 16 I joined the Amelia Earharts to earn my flight certificate.
    2) I once sewed up the chest of a lion.
    3) I saw my ex-boyfriends brother after he had died…walking through our apartment!
    4) My backyard is full of lavender; I run a small, home-based essential oil distillery.
    5) I co-own a Cessna and taxi tourists back and forth between the four-corners region.


      • Robyn says:

        Nope…I wish… I didn’t join the Earhardts because they required you be “on-call” for five or ten years to fly supplies into disaster sites, third world countries, war zones, etc… I could just see myself being shot down, so I chickened out!
        I did sew up the chest of a lion though…after a necropsy (#2) and I did see my ex-boyfriends brother walking around our apartment after he committed suicide. I didn’t know who he was when I saw him, or how he got in (#3).


  2. celestedimilla says:

    I’m so glad I inspired you – this is fun!! I’m at a loss as to what your truths are, however. Hmmmm…. The one about your uncle is so sad, so I’m going to say that’s a lie (I certainly hope it is anyway!). For your two truths, I’m gonna guess that you used to sing and perform in high school (I can picture you doing that!) and wanting to fly an F-14 Tomcat (it just doesn’t sound like the thing you’d make up). I’ll check back tomorrow to see how I did! And thanks for the shout out – I appreciate it! Celeste :)


  3. Steve says:

    I NEED to know which of those are true or false! Lol what a fun party game! (On a somber note, why do I suspect your last one is true…)

    1. I’m lactose intolerant.
    2. I burnt down a neighborhood tire-swing as a child.
    3. I’m distantly related to the British royal family.
    4. I smashed up my first car.
    5. I was once investigated by police on suspicion of bank robbery.


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