3 Lies and 2 Truths – The Reveal

David Tennant

Photo via Google

(Warning: clicking the link will take you to heaps of photos of David Tennant. Click at your own risk. I assume zero responsibility if you click the link. You know you want to CLICK the LINK!)

Yesterday I posted a 3 Lies and 2 Truths post, so today I’m revealing the truths and the lies. ;0)

1.  Lie – In High School I did not perform, nor did I sing. Instead, I preferred to work on set decorating and mask-making. I’ve always been crafty that way. ;0)

2.  Lie – When I was little I used to dream about being a psychiatrist and buying my MOM a Jaguar, but I have never wanted a Lamborghini. ;0)

3.  Truth – I actually met Eric Roberts. It’s not a huge deal, but he was quite nice. :0)

4.  Lie – I’ve always thought F-14 Tomcats were wicked, but I’ve never wanted to fly one. ;0)

5.  Truth – This actually did happen to my paternal uncle. A truthful and gruesome tale just in time for Samhain/Halloween. XD

There you have it, and thank you for playing along. ❤

*happy dancing*


9 thoughts on “3 Lies and 2 Truths – The Reveal

  1. Steve says:

    Ah ha! Fascinating. And a bit sad. You correctly guessed that I was indeed investigated on suspicion of bank robbery – I was waiting for a friend outside a bank and I had my gym bag in hand just as the armored truck pulled up to collect the money. Police arrived within a minute to question me and process my ID. Fortunately my friend arrived shortly thereafter to corroborate my story and I was released without further incident. However as far as I know I am not traceably related to any royal family. I did, shamefully I admit, burn down a tire-swing in my pyro loving youth.


    • Veggiewitch says:

      Number 5 is gruesome, especially for the people for the couple who returned home after three days of being away. My uncle passed the Friday night after they’d left. Not sure what became of the dogs, though…

      Thank YOU for playing along. ❤


  2. celestedimilla says:

    Despite the fact that I guessed that #5 was a lie, I had a feeling that it was true. I just didn’t want to believe it so I said it was a lie. It’s certainly a wicked Halloween tale! So I got it all wrong!! Oh well, now I know you a bit better. Celeste :)


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