pumpkin loaf (5 ways)

Thank you so much, The Twisted Chef, I’m very glad I found this recipe! I know what I’m making today! ;0)

the twisted chef

Seriously.  This is THE BEST LOAF in the history of all loaves.  I lie not.  Heck… Between October 14th and October 24th I baked it 5 times.  5 times! And you get 2 good-sized loaves out of each recipe.

I was flipping through the recipe book Baked: New Frontiers in Baking by Matt Lewis and Renato Polafito when I spotted this gem of a recipe.  It looked good… and what better way to know for certain than to try it right?

OMG I am so happy I decided to bake it.  It is OUTSTANDING!

Bye-bye banana loaf.

Sayōnara zucchini bread.

Hello pumpkin loaf.  Oh how I heart you… and so does everyone else who tastes you.

You might wonder… how can I still love this recipe after making it so often (and yes, I have tried every single loaf that has come out of my oven)?  Easy.  I…

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