I’m just trying to hang-on to my balloons!


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There’s been so much going on lately, and much of it I have chosen. Specifically, my new job is taking my evenings and weekends away from my Family, and I do understand this is a busy time of year, but once January rolls around, I will insist on the following: I get no more than 20 hours per week; I do NOT work every single Friday, Saturday AND Sunday in a row ever again; and I get at least 2 days off in a row, instead of just every Monday and Thursday of each week. I’ve already cut my weekend availability to 08:00 – 20:00, effective November 24, 2013, because they have me closing 5 nights a week all this month. It was emotional for me to look at the month of November, and realize I get to tuck my children in only 2 nights per week. I expressed this concern to both my manager and cashier lead, and they explained: “We really make the schedule based on the needs of the department, but it’s good that you let us know.” <insert “Huh?” moment here> I responded with: “It is a challenge to do the schedule each week, I understand. When I was doing the schedule at my old job, at London Drugs, it was always a priority to ensure fairness to each member of the department I was scheduling for, and share evenings, weekends, and days off accordingly.” We will see what happens. I do like my job, but it’s supposed to be a part-time job, and I currently feel like I have no time off at all.

I’m also struggling to find a compassionate doctor who will prescribe medical marihuana for my mother. One of the biggest problems is, it takes so long to get in to see anyone. We had an appointment yesterday that we’d waited four months for, and the doctor was a brick wall. She started her dialogue with announcing she: disagreed with my mother’s diagnosis; she insisted it was dementia and NOT Parkinson’s; and would never prescribe medical marihuana for either condition. It took all my strength to hold my tongue from also announcing: “That’s incredible! My mother was diagnosed 3 years ago with Parkinson’s, seen by 3 Family Doctors (her old doc by her previous residence, the attending Family Physician during her 4-month stay in hospital last year, AND our current Family Doc.), 2 Psychiatrists (the attending and an intern during her hospital stay), a Neurologist (during same hospital stay), Movement Disorder Specialists (in hospital, as well), and several Occupational Therapists (still while in hospital), yet YOU are the first to take issue with the diagnosis? Truly incredible!” Yeah, now I want to puke, because she was a fucking twatwaffle AND a quack!

Honestly, I’m just trying to hang-on to my balloons.


8 thoughts on “I’m just trying to hang-on to my balloons!

  1. It's a Wiccan Life says:

    I understand about the doctor. Some think that they can fix everything. And some just aren’t happy with what they’re seeing, thinking it can or is something different. When they told us that my grandma had two, (now three), tumors and bleeding on the brain,(one of the tumors is bleeding), and that it was inoperable, this one doctor from another hospital kept insisting that my mother, (who now holds all say over my grandmas care/life), allows them to drill a hole into my grandmas head to biopsy the tumor, to possibly prolong her life by maybe six months, but oh she’ll be a vegetable. My mom said no thanks. Some doctors always think that they know better or best. I honestly do have hight respect for all those who are in the medical field. But sometimes it helps to broaden your horizons.


    • Veggiewitch says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your Grandma. Sometimes doctors make no sense at all.

      There are very few doctors that I trust, and even fewer that I see. I’ve had the same family doctor since I was 18, and although I haven’t agreed with everything she’s said (she encouraged me to supplement with formula with each of my children to boost growth, but I do not believe in using formula), I do trust her completely. This is another reason why the search for the right doctor for my mother is so painstaking, I don’t have much faith in many doctors, and even less patience for the greater agenda that Big Pharma pushes/forces doctors to sustain.

      The doctor we saw was the wrong doctor. I wasted my time with her. She is ignorant of the truths and benefits of marihuana, and arrogant enough to be the first to insist my mother’s diagnosis is wrong, 3-years in. I’ve already discounted her opinion as useless.

      Many doctors are glorified pushers. I don’t know how it is in the US, but in Canada doctors earn commission from the pharmaceutical companies for every pharmaceutical they write a script for AND every unit of formula they move from their office(s). It’s by no means an altruistic motivation to prescribe pills and meds in most cases, but a profit-motivated move. Why else are they prescribing to treat symptoms and not causes? There are very few illnesses that are not caused OR cured by food.


      • It's a Wiccan Life says:

        I’ve had my family doctor since before I was born. I trust her fully. My little sister’s pregnant and our doctors offering her lots of opinions. To my knowledge she hasn’t mentioned formula or breast feeding. I believe she asked her how she plans to feed her baby. As for prescribing medication I see and hear it a lot. People refuse to hear, “a change in diet or exercise might help”. People demand to be prescribe medication to “get better”. Some will go to multiple doctors to get a script. People fail to see that sometimes there problems are physiological and not physical. I have respect for the medical community, it’s a painstaking job but I believe we as a society need to move away from the pill pushing. Though will the chemicals in our food is there really other options? Even organic food isn’t safe and won’t be for much longed. All seeds for fruit and veggies are tainted.


  2. nusrat2010 says:

    We all are fighting our own battles, dearie. We all are struggling to survive. I do get your pain as my Mom is sorta going through the same issues.
    Let’s not give in and always keep in mind that “I am stronger, taller, better than before. So I can handle it” :)
    Hugs and tons of love.


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